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So, where to start?

5 kopecks 1806 copper of the reign of Nicholas 1 Russian Empire. This is one of the representatives of a number of coins that were stamped in the period from 1802-1810, with a fairly large circulation, but despite this in many numismates it causes great interest. You can admire the simplicity of its lines, the reasonable and careful arrangement of counting points for the blind, in all minimalism and rationalism. You could go deeper into its details, but the coin is like an open book that opens the veil of mysteries, and only the dedicated is given to know them.

At least to start with the fact that there is not so much left of the large number of coined coins, which causes initially increased interest in these coins. And why, ask you. Officially, because of the increased demand for copper, and in connection with what. The beginning of the Industrial Revolution or the great preparation for the Napoleonic campaigns?

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